Get slimmer, thinner arms instantly with Amazing Arms!

Amazing Arms is a revolutionary new garment that conceals any type of excess flab and turns it into firm, beautiful looking skin instantly. Amazing Arms starts working to conceal flab, unsightly blemishes and wrinkles as soon as you put it on.

Amazing Arms is so sheer and light weight that you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing it. It is so thin that it does not even give ugly back bulges that might ruin the looks of a good dress or a top. It features four way stretch fabric that fits every type of arm, leaving you feeling comfortable, slim and definitely beautiful.

What Customers are Saying?

Amazing Arms is a fashion wear that has been widely advertised on infomercials across the United States and Canada. Perfect for women who love to wear different dresses but shy away from sleeveless dresses because their arms may look flabby which may be due to excess body weight or sagging skin which may be due to aging. There may be few products on the market that help conceal these issues that may make many women self conscious and deter them from wearing dresses they would rather wear.

“I’m so glad I purchased my Amazing Arms! I love the way it looks underneath my sleeveless tops and makes my arms look so much younger and toned. This is really a must have for any woman that has issues with sagging skin as I do. It breathes well and is very comfortable to wear. It’s totally worth the price!” -Stacey Adams

“After seeing the infomercial and reading so many positive Amazing Arms reviews online I decided to purchase it. I love the way it leaves your neckline uncovered unlike other slimming tops that usually cover the whole upper body. It’s very comfortable and wears like a bra except you’re getting coverage along the arms. If you’re worried about your arms when wearing sleeveless tops then Amazing Arms is the perfect solution.” -Lora Andretti

Features & Benefits:

  • Blends with any outfit
  • Conceals wrinkles, flab, unsightly blemishes
  • Won’t give you back bulges
  • Super shear, light & comfortable
  • Arms look thinner, slimmer instantly

This stylish garment is stylish and comes in different colors and patterns so it can be mixed and matched with different sleeveless dresses. When you order Amazing Arms it comes in both pearl and black as standard colors. However for a limited time an added bonus of a lace pattern will also be included which is perfect for special occasions. Amazing Arms can be purchased in most sizes including small, medium, large, extra-large and XXL. Not matter what your body type any woman will appreciate this amazing garment for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

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Trendy Top
Reviewed by Christine Marshall
Rating: 4.5

Often young women find it difficult to who wear T-shirts find it difficult to stretch, sit or bend without exposing their bulging bellies or the muscular backs as the T-shirts tend to stretch upwards. When you wear a Trendy Top, you will not encounter such situations as they stay as they are whatever the activity you get engaged yourself in.

These are specially designed T-shirts that will provide you with a slim appearance when you wear them. They will extend up to your hips and will make you look slim. Also the top part of your pants will be covered to make it to fit beautifully.

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Features of this especially designed T-shirt:

  • These T-shits extend your top. Therefore, you never need to worry if your belly or the back skin is exposed. Due to their extra length, they hold on to the top portion of your jeans to make you slim and shapely.
  • This super comfortable T-shirts are made with a natural cotton blend in order to make it easy for you to wear. You have the option to just roll it down and set it in place to stretch up to your hip. You could wear your outer shirt with no hassle. Your Trendy Top will help retain your slim shape.
  • Muffin tops and peekabo panties will become things of the past as your trendy T-shirt will look after everything.
  • These new T-shirts will also work well with skirts and shorts. Even if your pant slips downwards or your shirt pulls up, you never need to worry. Your new T-shirt will be there to protect you from exposure.
  • In addition to giving all these benefits this beautiful top will also give you a trendy appearance.

Who is it most suitable for?

  • These trendy T-shirts are fitting dresses for young girls as well as middle aged women especially those who have abdomens to conceal. Also they are good for young girls who often need to stretch in the college libraries to take books and sit down in parks often.
  • Even if you are a middle aged housewife, these beautiful tops could come in handy for you to get a beautiful shape when you go out. You could put it on first and wear your outer top before going out. You will get a chick look.


  • When you wear these trendy new garments, you never need to worry about exposing your bear skin when you stretch, bend or sit as it will stay in the same position irrespective of your posture as they cover both front and back
  • In case you have bulges of fat around your waist and your abdomen, you could cover them up to a great extent.
  • These dresses made out of natural cotton blends are very comfortable to wear.


  • These will not keep you warm as full shirts do and they cannot be worn with every outfit.
  • You need to spend for an extra garment. This also is not going to be a great issue as these normally cost $10 each. In case you look for special offers you could buy them still cheaper.

These beautiful T-shirts are available in a few colors and you have the option to choose ones you are pleased with. Wearing them will give you a youthful and shapely appearance. Since they are available at low prices you will never spend a lot either. In many Trendy Top reviews, users have found it to be very useful in both keeping their figures as well as to prevent exposure of their bear skins.

Where to buy?

The best place for you to visit in order to get Trendy Top is from the official site. They offer the best deal available – buy 2 free 2. It is the safest place for you to buy online and ensure that you receive it fast.

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Trendy Top Reviews from Users:

This is the comment of “sashapink78” of Virginia Beach, VA,

I like this product for its soft feel and as it flatters my figure. I bought two in red and green. I am eagerly waiting to wear on our date night. It will look nice with trendy jeans and sexy shoes.

This is what Coope from Michigan had to say,

I love the feel fabric imparts. I had to choose one that was two sizes smaller than the first one I tried. However, I need to wear it over an under garment.

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Trendy Pop

The secret of Hollywood’s lovely ladies is out, Ahh bra is a unique form of brassiere that utilizes a unique shaping technology to instantly transform your body, creating a more streamlined body from your upper torso, enhance the look of your bosom, provide comfort and ensure that any woman wearing it will look lovely, stylish and confident.

The unique design is its greatest draw, utilizing high grade spandex material; it is seamless and does not require any kind of wires just to work. No longer will you desire to wear uncomfortable bras in the morning if you can have a breathable, secure and seamless Ahh bra.

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What are the features?

  • No more itching– made from breathable, comfortable spandex material, it is an amazing product for any woman who is not comfortable with other kinds of conventional bras with different materials that often times can be very hot on the skin especially during hot summer days. This bra allows the body and skin to breathe, avoid that itchy feeling.
  • No more adjusting– the sizing is made to fit a wide range of breast sizes. There are different sizes to fit your specific bra size, be sure to get the right one to get the full support benefits. When the proper size is purchased, you can enjoy fantastic support. The whole structure of the bra also allows the breasts to stay on the position you are comfortable with. Since the bra extends in the middle of the chest to the midriff, it gives enough support.
  • No more difficulty wearing the bra– it is amazing since it comes with a seamless design to avoid the ugly bra lines at the back. It creates a lovely shape to the body and ensures quality design results.
  • It comes with different colors. There are 3 neutral colors to choose: brown, black and white.

Who is it designed for?

Any woman who is not used to wearing conventional bras can take advantage of the Ahh bra. It is also designed for any woman who might want to wear delicate fabrics like silk blouses and lace tops but they are not comfortable using conventional underwear. This is also perfect for women who do not like wires but would like seamless design and support.


It is the perfect new undergarment that you should take advantage of if you want to liberate yourself from conventional bra designs. A lot of women have issues with bra sizes, with the proper shape, and support for the body. By addressing all these aspects using one unique system, it is possible to transform the shape of the body to look more womanly while still feeling secure, lovely and stylish.

Nobody wants to sit in the office adjusting their bras every now and then or think about removing the bra just because it is not breathable. A perfect bra like this one gives sufficient support, top notch results for women who live active lives and want to feel beautiful without much effort.

Here are some Ahh Bra reviews to guide you with your purchase

Sandy B.,

I think The Ahh Bra is perfect for me. I am lucky that I got the right size for my body. When I used it at work, I felt that I do not have to worry about being constricted.


Moving from one place to another every day, doing errands can be really stressful. I was hesitant to purchase Ahh bra but I was happy I took the plunge. It was a perfect purchase and I am satisfied with the support.

Donna Riser,

I would have thought that this is just a sports bra or something but when I wore it, I was very happy with the results. First, I just wear it like a regular outfit but once there, it will support the bosom very well. I stay at home and go out every now and then and I think this just helps me feel beautiful no matter what I wear and wherever I go.

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Genie BraAs advertised on television, the Genie Bra boasts of the innovative Everlast technology that guarantees comfortable wear without the need for inconvenient wires, hooks, or adjustable straps.  It is made of special materials that can easily conform to the female body’s various shapes and curves.  It also has a comfort lift band that keeps the breasts in place to prevent rolls and bulges.

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Stylish and comfortable, the bra can be used under a dress or worn to work as a camisole under any shirt.  Either way, the bra will not ride up.  It provides the stylishness of a camisole, the convenience of a sports bra, and the protection of an underwire bra.

The benefits:

  • Comfort – The light and durable materials, coupled with a great fit, provide for a very comfortable wear.
  • Convenience – The bra can be used practically anywhere – at work, at play or for any other activity.
  • Confidence – When using the product, you will never have to worry about your breasts rolling out of place regardless of how much movement you make.

Who Is The Genie Bra For?

The product is ideal for use by full-figured women or those who are well-endowed as it provides more than ample support for heavy breasts.  Likewise, the undergarment can also work on women with moderate-sized breasts as it provides the lift needed to give the illusion on bigger breasts.

Overall, the product can be considered a good buy. For its price, it offers more benefits than similar products in the same price range.

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Genie Bra Reviews: What Actual Users Say?

Most reviews agree that the product is comfortable and convenient to use.  Here are some excerpts from a few of them:

From Jenny: “My Genie underwear is exactly what I need. Usually (before I got my Genie), as soon as I get home at 6 pm, I immediately take my bra off as it often gets really uncomfortable after a whole day at work. But not anymore; now, even if I do some light workout after work, I can still keep my Genie brassiere on long after I have gone home.”

From Belinda: “I just got mine today, although I almost forgot I ordered for them as I placed my order over a month ago.  But I am glad I got them as they are really great. They feel so comfortable and provide good support.”

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Think you’re embarrassed with your shape because a lot of people observe that you don’t have any? Have you been sick and tired of their unfavorable remarks on your physique that’s really annoying and making you lose your self-confidence? In case you are fed up of all of this I’ve got the right solution available for you. Kymaro Body Shaper will fix all your problems.

The Kymaro New Body Shaper is comfortable and easy to use. While using this shaper you won’t have to bother about not having any curves. It’ll certainly offer you noticeable results in a few moments. No demanding and difficult dieting is required only to have a good figure. No exhausting exercises and workouts are needed for you to gain that lovely physique. Having a lovely figure is easy. You only need to put them on and you’re all set to go. You’ll have an eye appealing body in only a few minutes.

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The advantages of the Kymaro Body Shaper

It works perfectly with any blouse or dress offering you the slim figure you always desired. Additionally, it is available in black or nude to match your taste. Moreover, it comes with a short that hugs and shapes everything in position, bringing you sleek lines and hot curves which will certainly impress any person who sees them. This body shaper also offers cami. This cami could be used with strapless apparel or halter tops as it comes equipped with a clear strap and a low back.

Full satisfaction assured with the Kymaro Body Shaper

Undoubtedly, this body shaper is certainly the very best out there. It will certainly please any lady who wears it. With this you can say goodbye to the times of disapproval. You’ll certainly surprise anybody with your pair of Kymaro New Body Shaper. With it you needn’t bother about having low confidence with the unfavorable reactions you get about your body. This shaper will certainly provide you with the best results you could be proud of. Taking into consideration all of this that the body shaper can offer you, are you going to still find some other way? It is the easy, comfortable, dependable and the perfect way for you.

Impress everybody; it’ll certainly deliver great results for you. It is indeed the best shaper that won’t go wrong!

Whether you’re a size 8 or size 22, a flat belly is difficult to attain. This top can even offer you a thinner silhouette. It is comfortable enough for you to put on right through the day at the office. The fabric allows you to breathe and it isn’t stifling in any way.

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Kymaro Body Shaper Review:

One reviewer remarks that she found this shaper quite simple to wear and take off. She could take inches off her legs with the New Bottom Shaper. It not only gave her a good figure but also her confidence back.

Another lady stated that she could put this shaper on underneath any form of clothing. It helped her to realign her back for healthy posture. It also helped her to enhance her body shape. It made her look leaner, healthier and happier.

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Any lady should look great in a good pair of denim jeans and a pretty t-shirt. Wearing those frumpy sagging jeans is simply so unwomanly and old-fashioned. There’s hardly any excuse for appearing miserable in jeans regardless how heavy-set you’re. The fact is that it is all in the mind… and in the correct type of jeans.

You should try out the Kymaro Curve Control jeans. With these types of jeans, you will instantly get the shapely curves in those places where it matters the most. Feel and look hot in your own Kymaro jeans! These jeans fit so pleasantly snug plus they help you keep all your flabs hidden smartly, perhaps not fully out of sight but they shape your mid-section and backside to help you show off your shapes in great style.

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These jeans are made from a unique denim weave fabric which shapes your lower body. It shapes your bottom, flattens your tummy, and thins your thighs to create an aesthetic silhouette. You may not possess that pencil-thin, slim look but at least you’ll have a terrific jean-clad look with all your shapes only at the perfect places. With this type of jeans available to you, why would you be satisfied with frumpy baggies which leave your bumps protruding out everywhere you go? Show off your sexy derriere behind those nicely- fitting jeans and also tuck in that tummy pouch in the elastic waistband. You’ll feel and look slimmer and shapelier than you’re really even without losing that extra weight.

Curve Control Jeans

Who can fit perfectly in the Curve Control Jeans?

Ladies of all sizes may take benefit from the shaping power of the Kymaro curve control jeans. These are available in shapes that suit those which range from 6 to 28. You’d generally have to buy a pair that’s one size small compared to that which you usually wear in standard jean size. You will find there’s sizing graph on the company’s site so that you understand precisely how big to order. There’s even a helpline you could call for help on sizes and other issues. In case you ask for the incorrect size, you can send the incorrect one back and change it for the correct size. These jeans are also available in petite and standard lengths with inseams of 28 inches and 34 inches respectively. They also fit all kinds of body structures – pear, curvy, apple, the jeans’ stretch fabric will fit you comfortably.

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What is the Kymaro jeans made of?

The stretch denim fabric of the Kymaro curve control jeans is made from 70% natural cotton, 27% rayon, and 3% spandex. That’s why it shapes and hugs your lower body so nicely. It’s available in dark even wash which makes you to look thinner.

Kymaro Jeans Reviews:

This clothing item received some really encouraging reviews, comments and ratings from ladies who bought and used it. Besides, the online reviews too have been really positive.

The first reviewer remarked that she never felt so good before. She is happy now that she feels she has got her confidence back with her slimmer and shapelier looks she has got with the Kymaro curve control jeans.

Another lady states that she could actually control her curves with these jeans. She had been to her friend’s party one Friday evening and got all the men there gazing at her lovely assets that looked really flattering.

Most ladies are quite happy with the quality of Kymaro curve control jeans as they have found these jeans to be comfortable, and a perfect way to make them look Hot!!!!

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Curve Control Jeans

Have you got a top that’s too exposing, however you still like to wear it without having to pin it together? You may not be excessively concerned with being or appearing to be modest or proper, but you wouldn’t like to step outside without keeping just a little mystery. Perhaps you should try out Cami Secret, the camisole that actually isn’t.

Camisoles work effectively for concealing the cleavage area very well, however they could be burdensome and uneasy, also you won’t appreciate two layers of clothes when the conditions are hot. It is exactly what you’ll want to cover the essentials without having to add too much cumbersome material to your costume.

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It is attractive and small, with sufficient lace to appear appealing without going too much. It attaches to your breast support straps perfectly and smartly covers the front cleavage part you won’t quite wish to expose. You only adjust it up and down the straps to position it exactly where needed, and it remains in that position throughout the day without moving up or sideways.

When you have somebody standing over you at the workplace or you stoop over, there is nothing to be concerned about, because you are covered by the camisole. As opposed to a camisole that often shifts and moves to one side, or rides up, this undergarment will never move unless you need it to.

The reasons you should buy Cami Secret are as following:

  • Get a trendy layered look with no extra bulk
  • Easily change garments from daytime to nightwear
  • Comfortable, light-weight, and trendy
  • Can be attached and removed quickly without any difficulty
  • One size suits all
  • Comes in seven different colors to suit all of your clothes
  • Machine cleanable
  • Comfortable and soft breathable material
  • Finely controls the cleavage exposure part of dresses, sweaters and low cut tops
  • Each camisole features an alluring and eye-catching womanly lace border
  • Fully adjustable height. Refer picture below:

Cami Secret

Cami Secret is available in seven different colors which will go along with any dress or blouse you’ve got. Black, brown, ivory, navy, beige, green and white cover the variety for any costume you purchase. You will no more have to search for only those tops which cover your entire front. You may get any kind of top you wish.

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One other issue which this camisole can assist you with is that you simply change it in accordance with the height you want. At times, while wearing a double layer of clothes beneath, it may not be able to provide you with the proper coverage around the front. And that’s why it is so suitable for you because you can change the height based on your preference.

Cami Secret Reviews from current owners. Do they love it or hate it?

This clothing item received some really encouraging reviews, comments and ratings from ladies who bought and used it. Besides, the online reviews too have been really positive.

The first reviewer remarks that the Cami Secret comes off as effortlessly and quickly as it goes on, if she happens to go someplace after work and would like to be a little more revealing. She felt that the best thing about the camisole is that she can fully control the way she wants to show up and how she would like to represent herself.

Another lady found Cami Secret to be very easy to wear, as she could just clip it onto her bra straps and then change it based on how high or low she would like it to sit. She could fix it quickly, and take it off just as quickly. She could take it along anyplace with her and if  she felt like covering more, she simply clipped it on or if she felt like revealing a bit more, she simply took it off in seconds.

>> For full reviews from real users, check them out here.

Cami Secret