Top Places to Shop for Menswear Online

Shopping for great men’s clothing has never been easier. In the past few years, fashion giants, young style upstarts, big name retailers and small boutiques have all made their online presence a priority. Below are our top picks:

1. Burton

Burton is without a doubt one of the best hight street retailers in the UK. Founded in 1903, Burton is renowned for combining heritage tailoring with modern looks. Create the perfect smart-casual wardrobe with their sophisticated range of shirts, jeans, jackets, ties and more. >> Shop here

2. Uniqlo

What started as a Japanese fashion brand is a rather new player in this neck of the woods. Nonethless, Uniqlo has gained popularity quickly and immensely for its affordable pieces, countless options and all the basics you could ever need. It’s the best place to order plain tees and simple windbreakers that look better than anything you could get at a department store. >> Shop Here

3. Mr Potter

When we want a real treat and we don’t mind spending a little extra for it, MR PORTER is our destination. MR PORTER combines editorial content with the best in international menswear to offer a site that’s unique to all others on this list. They sell from an inventory of brands that’s 400 strong, including the likes of Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Berluti, Club Monaco, and Tom Ford, as well as more streetwear brands like Nike and Acne.  >> Shop Here

4.  J. Crew Factory

The J.Crew Factory is a well-kept secret. While most guys have shopped at J.Crew, few know about its more affordable brother. J.Crew Factory is full of preppy pieces like J.Crew that won’t leave your wallet in pain. >> Shop here

5. Urban Outfitters

If you’re a casual but creative dude looking for a little twist on rather ordinary styles, Urban Outfitters is your go-to. Featuring vintage styles and brands, you’re guaranteed to always to find something trendy but unique at the same time, making their pieces the perfect additions to your wardrobe. >> Shop here