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Trendy Top
Reviewed by Christine Marshall
Rating: 4.5

Often young women find it difficult to who wear T-shirts find it difficult to stretch, sit or bend without exposing their bulging bellies or the muscular backs as the T-shirts tend to stretch upwards. When you wear a Trendy Top, you will not encounter such situations as they stay as they are whatever the activity you get engaged yourself in.

These are specially designed T-shirts that will provide you with a slim appearance when you wear them. They will extend up to your hips and will make you look slim. Also the top part of your pants will be covered to make it to fit beautifully.

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Features of this especially designed T-shirt:

  • These T-shits extend your top. Therefore, you never need to worry if your belly or the back skin is exposed. Due to their extra length, they hold on to the top portion of your jeans to make you slim and shapely.
  • This super comfortable T-shirts are made with a natural cotton blend in order to make it easy for you to wear. You have the option to just roll it down and set it in place to stretch up to your hip. You could wear your outer shirt with no hassle. Your Trendy Top will help retain your slim shape.
  • Muffin tops and peekabo panties will become things of the past as your trendy T-shirt will look after everything.
  • These new T-shirts will also work well with skirts and shorts. Even if your pant slips downwards or your shirt pulls up, you never need to worry. Your new T-shirt will be there to protect you from exposure.
  • In addition to giving all these benefits this beautiful top will also give you a trendy appearance.

Who is it most suitable for?

  • These trendy T-shirts are fitting dresses for young girls as well as middle aged women especially those who have abdomens to conceal. Also they are good for young girls who often need to stretch in the college libraries to take books and sit down in parks often.
  • Even if you are a middle aged housewife, these beautiful tops could come in handy for you to get a beautiful shape when you go out. You could put it on first and wear your outer top before going out. You will get a chick look.


  • When you wear these trendy new garments, you never need to worry about exposing your bear skin when you stretch, bend or sit as it will stay in the same position irrespective of your posture as they cover both front and back
  • In case you have bulges of fat around your waist and your abdomen, you could cover them up to a great extent.
  • These dresses made out of natural cotton blends are very comfortable to wear.


  • These will not keep you warm as full shirts do and they cannot be worn with every outfit.
  • You need to spend for an extra garment. This also is not going to be a great issue as these normally cost $10 each. In case you look for special offers you could buy them still cheaper.

These beautiful T-shirts are available in a few colors and you have the option to choose ones you are pleased with. Wearing them will give you a youthful and shapely appearance. Since they are available at low prices you will never spend a lot either. In many Trendy Top reviews, users have found it to be very useful in both keeping their figures as well as to prevent exposure of their bear skins.

Where to buy?

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Trendy Top Reviews from Users:

This is the comment of “sashapink78” of Virginia Beach, VA,

I like this product for its soft feel and as it flatters my figure. I bought two in red and green. I am eagerly waiting to wear on our date night. It will look nice with trendy jeans and sexy shoes.

This is what Coope from Michigan had to say,

I love the feel fabric imparts. I had to choose one that was two sizes smaller than the first one I tried. However, I need to wear it over an under garment.

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