Ahh Bra Reviews

The secret of Hollywood’s lovely ladies is out, Ahh bra is a unique form of brassiere that utilizes a unique shaping technology to instantly transform your body, creating a more streamlined body from your upper torso, enhance the look of your bosom, provide comfort and ensure that any woman wearing it will look lovely, stylish and confident.

The unique design is its greatest draw, utilizing high grade spandex material; it is seamless and does not require any kind of wires just to work. No longer will you desire to wear uncomfortable bras in the morning if you can have a breathable, secure and seamless Ahh bra.

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What are the features?

  • No more itching– made from breathable, comfortable spandex material, it is an amazing product for any woman who is not comfortable with other kinds of conventional bras with different materials that often times can be very hot on the skin especially during hot summer days. This bra allows the body and skin to breathe, avoid that itchy feeling.
  • No more adjusting– the sizing is made to fit a wide range of breast sizes. There are different sizes to fit your specific bra size, be sure to get the right one to get the full support benefits. When the proper size is purchased, you can enjoy fantastic support. The whole structure of the bra also allows the breasts to stay on the position you are comfortable with. Since the bra extends in the middle of the chest to the midriff, it gives enough support.
  • No more difficulty wearing the bra– it is amazing since it comes with a seamless design to avoid the ugly bra lines at the back. It creates a lovely shape to the body and ensures quality design results.
  • It comes with different colors. There are 3 neutral colors to choose: brown, black and white.

Who is it designed for?

Any woman who is not used to wearing conventional bras can take advantage of the Ahh bra. It is also designed for any woman who might want to wear delicate fabrics like silk blouses and lace tops but they are not comfortable using conventional underwear. This is also perfect for women who do not like wires but would like seamless design and support.


It is the perfect new undergarment that you should take advantage of if you want to liberate yourself from conventional bra designs. A lot of women have issues with bra sizes, with the proper shape, and support for the body. By addressing all these aspects using one unique system, it is possible to transform the shape of the body to look more womanly while still feeling secure, lovely and stylish.

Nobody wants to sit in the office adjusting their bras every now and then or think about removing the bra just because it is not breathable. A perfect bra like this one gives sufficient support, top notch results for women who live active lives and want to feel beautiful without much effort.

Here are some Ahh Bra reviews to guide you with your purchase

Sandy B.,

I think The Ahh Bra is perfect for me. I am lucky that I got the right size for my body. When I used it at work, I felt that I do not have to worry about being constricted.


Moving from one place to another every day, doing errands can be really stressful. I was hesitant to purchase Ahh bra but I was happy I took the plunge. It was a perfect purchase and I am satisfied with the support.

Donna Riser,

I would have thought that this is just a sports bra or something but when I wore it, I was very happy with the results. First, I just wear it like a regular outfit but once there, it will support the bosom very well. I stay at home and go out every now and then and I think this just helps me feel beautiful no matter what I wear and wherever I go.

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  1. I have purchased the AHH bra twice before,total price @ $ 159.80 for 3 bra’s each time, thru the TV Shop however I think this is too expensive, they charge for one bra @ $149.85 (plus freight & GST) and the deal was I received 2 free bras. I would like to purchase more at a better price. What deal can you offer me ?