Genie Bra Reviews

Genie BraAs advertised on television, the Genie Bra boasts of the innovative Everlast technology that guarantees comfortable wear without the need for inconvenient wires, hooks, or adjustable straps.  It is made of special materials that can easily conform to the female body’s various shapes and curves.  It also has a comfort lift band that keeps the breasts in place to prevent rolls and bulges.

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Stylish and comfortable, the bra can be used under a dress or worn to work as a camisole under any shirt.  Either way, the bra will not ride up.  It provides the stylishness of a camisole, the convenience of a sports bra, and the protection of an underwire bra.

The benefits:

  • Comfort – The light and durable materials, coupled with a great fit, provide for a very comfortable wear.
  • Convenience – The bra can be used practically anywhere – at work, at play or for any other activity.
  • Confidence – When using the product, you will never have to worry about your breasts rolling out of place regardless of how much movement you make.

Who Is The Genie Bra For?

The product is ideal for use by full-figured women or those who are well-endowed as it provides more than ample support for heavy breasts.  Likewise, the undergarment can also work on women with moderate-sized breasts as it provides the lift needed to give the illusion on bigger breasts.

Overall, the product can be considered a good buy. For its price, it offers more benefits than similar products in the same price range.

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Genie Bra Reviews: What Actual Users Say?

Most reviews agree that the product is comfortable and convenient to use.  Here are some excerpts from a few of them:

From Jenny: “My Genie underwear is exactly what I need. Usually (before I got my Genie), as soon as I get home at 6 pm, I immediately take my bra off as it often gets really uncomfortable after a whole day at work. But not anymore; now, even if I do some light workout after work, I can still keep my Genie brassiere on long after I have gone home.”

From Belinda: “I just got mine today, although I almost forgot I ordered for them as I placed my order over a month ago.  But I am glad I got them as they are really great. They feel so comfortable and provide good support.”

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9 Replies to “Genie Bra Reviews”

  1. I love this bra! Just bought a 2 pak/nude/black recently. But why NOT allow a customer to buy nude/white, or 2 nude, etc? I almost never wear black tops so I am stuck with a good bra I may wear once a month or less. I can’t be the only one who would like color pak options.

  2. Love the bra but whyyyyyyyyy can’t I just buy White, I don’t want nude or black.