Have you got a top that’s too exposing, however you still like to wear it without having to pin it together? You may not be excessively concerned with being or appearing to be modest or proper, but you wouldn’t like to step outside without keeping just a little mystery. Perhaps you should try out Cami Secret, the camisole that actually isn’t.

Camisoles work effectively for concealing the cleavage area very well, however they could be burdensome and uneasy, also you won’t appreciate two layers of clothes when the conditions are hot. It is exactly what you’ll want to cover the essentials without having to add too much cumbersome material to your costume.

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It is attractive and small, with sufficient lace to appear appealing without going too much. It attaches to your breast support straps perfectly and smartly covers the front cleavage part you won’t quite wish to expose. You only adjust it up and down the straps to position it exactly where needed, and it remains in that position throughout the day without moving up or sideways.

When you have somebody standing over you at the workplace or you stoop over, there is nothing to be concerned about, because you are covered by the camisole. As opposed to a camisole that often shifts and moves to one side, or rides up, this undergarment will never move unless you need it to.

The reasons you should buy Cami Secret are as following:

  • Get a trendy layered look with no extra bulk
  • Easily change garments from daytime to nightwear
  • Comfortable, light-weight, and trendy
  • Can be attached and removed quickly without any difficulty
  • One size suits all
  • Comes in seven different colors to suit all of your clothes
  • Machine cleanable
  • Comfortable and soft breathable material
  • Finely controls the cleavage exposure part of dresses, sweaters and low cut tops
  • Each camisole features an alluring and eye-catching womanly lace border
  • Fully adjustable height. Refer picture below:

Cami Secret

Cami Secret is available in seven different colors which will go along with any dress or blouse you’ve got. Black, brown, ivory, navy, beige, green and white cover the variety for any costume you purchase. You will no more have to search for only those tops which cover your entire front. You may get any kind of top you wish.

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One other issue which this camisole can assist you with is that you simply change it in accordance with the height you want. At times, while wearing a double layer of clothes beneath, it may not be able to provide you with the proper coverage around the front. And that’s why it is so suitable for you because you can change the height based on your preference.

Cami Secret Reviews from current owners. Do they love it or hate it?

This clothing item received some really encouraging reviews, comments and ratings from ladies who bought and used it. Besides, the online reviews too have been really positive.

The first reviewer remarks that the Cami Secret comes off as effortlessly and quickly as it goes on, if she happens to go someplace after work and would like to be a little more revealing. She felt that the best thing about the camisole is that she can fully control the way she wants to show up and how she would like to represent herself.

Another lady found Cami Secret to be very easy to wear, as she could just clip it onto her bra straps and then change it based on how high or low she would like it to sit. She could fix it quickly, and take it off just as quickly. She could take it along anyplace with her and if  she felt like covering more, she simply clipped it on or if she felt like revealing a bit more, she simply took it off in seconds.

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Cami Secret